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The Neve Menashe Home for the Mentally Handicapped
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A Special Home for People with Special Needs

Neve Menashe is a special home for those with special needs. It is a home for the mentally handicapped, located on a pleasant 25-acre campus in the Hefer Valley, near Hadera, Israel.

They are part of our world

The mentally challenged are part of our world, yet isolated from it. They are Jews, Moslems, and Christians from all levels of Israeli society. Our mission is to provide them with affection, understanding and a secure environment. To help them feel at ease with themselves and their communtity.

Home is where the Heart is

Whetever the size. Wherever the location, Israel's live-in facilities for the menatlly handicapped share a common goal: to provide a reassuring, home-like environment where residents can maximize their potential.

Our doors are open to all categories of mentally retarded men, women and children- mild, moderate, severe and profound. Israel's ministry of labor and Social Welfare together with generous donors around the world, provide them with accomodation, study areas, public buildings, therapy areas and gardens- in other words, a warm, supportive, environment designed to help them function as independently as possible.

Central to our approach is a well-balanced program of activities. In addition to therapeutic and medical care, residents celebrate religious holidays, take part in group activities, games, choirs, sports, music and art. And for those capable of regular work, the assembly shops, packaging units, weaving studio and other sheltered workshops not only serve to bolster residents' self image and help them earn extra pocket money, but they also generate additional income for the facility.

See, experience and Marvel

Life in all our care facilities is founded on the conviction that the mentally handicapped community is part of the outside world and wherever possible, should share it.

This is why regular excursions are a feature of our annual agenda. And despite the careful planning and logistics involved, we make sure that all residents who are able to, participate in regular outings to places of special interest. We also go bowling and horseback riding, visit the beach and nearby cafes, see performances and even participate in competitions with other homes. And if there is any doubt about the success of these trips, one look at the smiles and happy faces of all participants is enough to remove all doubts and to encourage us to further efforts.

Read more about our staff, residents, location, and other facts and figures by clicking here.

The Friends of Neve Menashe:

The Friends of Neve Menashe was founded by a small group of concerned people who care about improving the welfare and living conditions of the mentally handicapped. By helping the residents, the Friends of Neve Menashe also offers support and encouragement to the staff in their wonderful work with a much-neglected part of our community.

Our Doors are Always Open:

Take time to visit us in Israel. If you could see a caregiver talking tenderly, naturally, and patiently with an adult whose mental skills are those of a five-year old, you would understand the importance of even the smallest contribution.

Make a donation, become a friend, earmark a sum for a specific project. You will be reaching out to men and women whom fate has left defenseless.

Your assistance can make a huge difference.

Enquiries and Visits

We welcome enquiries about Neve Menashe and are happy to arrange visits to the campus.

Please contact:

Dr. Melvyn H. Brooks,
Chairman, Friends of Neve Menashe,
Tel Shalom, Karkur, Israel, 37000


For more details about Neve Menashe, please contact:

Arieh Katz, Director
The Neve Menashe Home for the Mentally Handicapped
Sha'ar Menashe Mobile Post: Hefer 38814, Israel
Tel: 00-972-4-6379384/ Fax: 972-4-627-4011

or contact:

The Department for the Mentally Handicapped
35 Mekor Haim Street, Jerusalem, 91012, Israel
Tel: 00-972-2-568-0825/ Fax: 00-972-2-568-0878